Key Contacts

Key Contacts

What is the Key Contact Program?
The Key Contact Program is the MN REALTORS® effort to build a more effective grassroots organization for the benefit of the industry that is grounded in the mutual self-interest of the legislator, our members, and their constituent-customers.

What is the mission for the Key Contact Program?
The mission of the MN REALTORS® Key Contact Program is to foster the creation and strengthening of long-term personal and professional relationships between individual members of the state legislature and individual Minnesota REALTORS®. The goals include:
(1) Having a Key Contact who can speak candidly and authoritatively regarding MN REALTORS® legislative views and concerns; and
(2) Developing a trusting, ongoing, cooperative relationship grounded primarily in the mutual benefit to the legislator, REALTORS®, and the legislator's constituents.

The Key Contact Program participant should view his or her primary job as a "voice for real estate." With this focus, the participant reaps the benefit of access to someone who can address real estate concerns and views, while the legislator has access to a constituent who provides reliable information on issues affecting real estate.

What are the responsibilities of a Key Contact Program Participant?
The "responsibilities" outlined below are guidelines for participants to modify to better suite the nature of his/her existing relationship and the geographic/logistical responsibilities of the legislator. Don't let the list intimidate your. Many of these activities can be combined in a single event or activity.

  • Meet briefly face-to-face with your legislator once a quarter. MN REALTORS® will provide you with the key issues and talking points.
  • Coordinate with your Local Association at least once annually. Arrange a board meeting visit, etc.
  • Respond promptly to requests from your legislator. Contact Christine Berger at for assistance.
  • Attend Legislative Impact Day.
  • Provide leadership in RPAC-related functions and activities.
    • Become a regular contributor to RPAC.
    • Encourage your Local Association members to contribute to RPAC.
    • If request by MN REALTORS®, arrange for delivery of an RPAC contribution check to your legislator.

Who is eligible to be a Key Contact Program Participant?
A REALTOR® member or an affiliate of a Local REALTOR® Board or of MN REALTORS® is eligible to be a Key Contact Program Participant. MN REALTORS® wants to encourage participation in order to promote real estate in Minnesota. Having more than one Key Contact per legislator is also desirable.