Becoming an Effective Real Estate Mentor

By Minnesota Realtors® posted 02-22-2021 06:24 AM


Below is a list of things every effective mentor needs to keep in mind.

Earn their trust

So how do you earn your mentees’ trust? Primarily by being available and accessible. Make sure your team knows they can reach you when things are hectic and they need someone to lean on, even if that means a call at night.

Also, be open to not just providing professional assistance, but being open to their personal side too. Talk to your mentees about their goals and job satisfaction. Sometimes being a great mentor means acting as a trusted confidant who can help people ask the tough questions and assess whether or not the demanding world of luxury real estate is the right choice for them.

Show you care

The most effective mentors go out of their way to be caring, considerate, humble, and respectful. And the golden rule is communication: never presume you’re talking to your mentees too much. We could all benefit from a few more check-ins and meaningful conversations. While you should maintain an open-door policy so your mentees feel comfortable approaching you, reaching out to them is helpful too—even if it’s just a text message.

Listen actively

No good mentorship is possible without listening. Because knowledge sharing is a two-way exchange, mentorship should never sound like a monologue.

We all know that watching and listening are the crux of our industry. Remember that the agents you’re mentoring are watching and listening to you to figure out how to improve—but always be listening to them as well.

Be of service

While having tangible, measurable ways to add value for your mentees is good, you can also tailor your approach according to their strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own. What can you offer to help them grow? More than simply giving advice, mentorship is about making a meaningful impact and a genuine investment in your team’s ongoing success.

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