Committee Application Deadline is 9/30

By MNR News posted 09-23-2020 05:36


illustration of hands raisedWhatever your skills, experience, or interests, there’s a place for you on our many volunteer committees. Run by Realtors® these groups tackle issues that impact your business, career, and community.

You have until September 30th to submit your application. The Leadership Team meets in mid-October to review applications and appoint committee members.

To apply, click the link below to any committee.


Board of Directors manages the business and affairs of Minnesota Realtors®. Representing the state in its population in geographic location, age, gender, and racial make-up, its members bring a balanced perspective to the association. The application process for the Emerging Market Representative positions is now open. APPLY HERE

Communications Work Group partners with Minnesota Realtors® Mar Com Department to identify compelling content and develop effective ways to share it; shine a spotlight on helpful tools, events, and other activities offered by the association. APPLY HERE

Diversity Committee members help build a fully inclusive association by promoting equal opportunity housing; advocating for diversity within the real estate industry; and working against discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, and other protected-class criteria. APPLY HERE

Executive Committee creates the roadmap for reaching goals set by the Board of Directors. From evaluating personnel to strategic planning and other managerial issues. APPLY HERE

Finance Committee helps set the budget, guide its implementation, and determine what programs and functions are funded next fiscal year. APPLY HERE

Forms Committee keeps the Minnesota Realtors®’ forms and contracts accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. APPLY HERE

Commercial Forms Subcommittee is made up of Realtors® with commercial transaction experience. This group works with MNR’s commercial forms. APPLY HERE

Governmental Affairs Committee reviews and recommends legislation and public policies that benefit homeowners and the real estate industry. APPLY HERE

Member Engagement Committee is dedicated to increasing member involvement and networking. The committee plays a key role in planning UNITE!, Minnesota Realtors®’ annual state convention. APPLY HERE

Nominating Committee vets candidates for key leadership positions, including the President-Elect, Treasurer, and representatives to the NAR Board of Directors. APPLY HERE

Professional Development Committee helps members ethically serve clients and enhance public perception of our industry. They create better relationships with the community, and a business environment for all our members. APPLY HERE

Professional Standards Committee promotes honesty, integrity, fairness, and competence in every real estate transaction. Members help resolve controversies based on the informed judgement of their peers. To serve on this committee, you must have three years’ experience as a Realtor® member, and attend an MNR training program. APPLY HERE

Professional Standards Policy Committee meets twice a year to review proposed changes to NAR’s Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual, and consider other issues related to implementing professional standards. To serve on this committee, you must have experience serving on MNR’s Professional Standards Committee. APPLY HERE

Public Advocacy Committee helps share NAR’s Realtor® Party national agenda and create a better environment for the real estate industry. The committee coordinates, reviews and recommends all Minnesota proposals for Realtor® Party funding. This committee is a grant review board that does not meet in-person. APPLY HERE

Risk Management Committee serves our member community by recommending and advocating policy on legal, liability or dispute resolution issues. Members also evaluate requests for funds from the MNR Legal Defense Fund. APPLY HERE

RPAC Trustees picks the political candidates who will go to bat for the real estate industry and supports them with donations and independent expenditures. Trustees help raise funds for RPAC, review and analyze issues relevant to our industry, and vet which candidates will receive support. APPLY HERE

Strategic Issues Forum analyzes trends, issues and industry developments that will impact the future of the association and its members. They explore ways the association can plan and respond, and propose items for the Strategic Planning Committee to consider. APPLY HERE