Realtors® Give Back by Writing Off Loneliness

By MNR News posted 10-21-2020 07:04


Realtors® are bringing comfort to seniors with letter-writing campaign

For millions of senior citizens and other adults in need of physical assistance, the stress of the pandemic has been exacerbated by lockdowns that cut them off from most social contact.

“Without visitors or the ability to interact with the wider world, many seniors may be growing lonely. That affects not only their mental health, but also physical health,” said Emily Green, MNR board member and broker at Sandy Green Realty in Minneapolis.

A new initiative, Letters Against Isolation, focuses on providing comfort and reassurance to seniors across the nation. Launched earlier this year by a pair of teenaged sisters from Cambridge, MA, the online project enlists individuals and groups from across the country to write positive, supportive letters to senior citizens who are isolated in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other settings.

Green urges MNR members to get involved. “You can write as many letters as you choose, on any topics you want to cover,” she said. “Remember to keep them cheerful and be creative. They are brightening peoples’ days.”

Letter writers should identify themselves by first name only and include no contact information or promote their business services. The MNR campaign is focused on two Twin Cities senior residences.

Participating is easy. Write your letters and mail them to one or both of the addresses below. When you’re done, send an email to Letters Against Isolation at and tell them how many letters you wrote. MNR is tracking the total number of letters that Realtors sending during September.

image of lettersWalker Methodist Place
3701 Bryant Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55409

Terraces Assisted Living 
Attention: Judy Johnson
901 Feltl Court
Hopkins, MN 55343

Learn more about Letters Against Isolation by visiting their website.
In the month of September, there were 115 letters sent to Walker Methodist Place and Terraces Assisted Living.