The Minnesota Realtor®: Elevate Your Marketing Game

By MNR News posted 03-26-2021 03:02 PM


Elevate Your MarketingWhile there are many marketing tools to consider for increasing lead generation and driving brand awareness, there are five must-haves that rise to the top.  


Live Video

As virtual life has become normalized, live video is a trend that continues to grow. People want information fast, and video quickly and effectively delivers your message to clients and potential clients. Live video engages emotionally, helping people connect with you on a more personal level. Whether it’s educating your clients on the market or exploring design trends, video allows you talk about what matters to your clients. Dive in by testing out Facebook live or set up a YouTube channel. Zoom also allows you to stream directly to YouTube or Facebook.  


Aerial Drones 

Aerial drones are an excellent way to highlight local amenities, showcase a property, and create video and photo content. Prospective buyers want to see a neighborhood and picture themselves living there, even before they look inside a home. By capturing a 360-degree view of the property from various perspectives, the buyer gets a better sense of the home and surrounding neighborhood. And don’t forget — drones can be used for interior videos, too. 


Email Marketing 

Email is the easiest and least expensive way to communicate with clients and prospects. You can demonstrate your value by providing everything from local market news to paint-color trends or holiday recipes. Free or inexpensive email platforms have built-in templates that make sending a basic listing announcement or newsletter extremely easy: 

  • MailChimp offers a free version with several template choices and it integrates with Facebook and Instagram. You can manage up to 2,000 contacts and send up to 10,000 total emails per month.
  • Sendinblue also has a free option. Unlike MailChimp, you can have an unlimited number of contacts. However, the free account is limited to 300 emails per day. 


Social Media 

Continuous engagement on social media is critical to marketing success, so pick a few channels and get them up and running. LinkedIn and Instagram are two great tools to consider in addition to the staple of Facebook.  

  • LinkedIn: Last year the platform rolled out LinkedIn Live, Events, Polls, and Stories. Create polls that your audience will want to vote on, ask open-ended questions in updates, share candid photos in stories, or post about celebrating milestones.

  • Instagram: Through Instagram’s visual format, potential clients instantly get a sense of your style and who you are as a Realtor®. Because Instagram has 15 times the engagement rate of Facebook, your posts will make it on many more of your potential client’s feeds—without paying for ads. Be sure to create a business profile that lets you add a link to your bio. Hashtags are important for pulling in views. Research hashtags that are popular in your area, create a list, and aim to use at least three of them as you create and schedule posts.


Reuse, Re-purpose, and Repeat! 

Putting good content together takes time and effort. Don’t let it go to waste by only sharing it once through one channel. Dust off those “best resell tips” or “top ways to show your house,” and create something new. Freshen it with additional content or combine it with other information. Visualize it through a different lens. When you create engaging content, you should share it with as many people as possible. Re-purposing is the best way to do that.