Happy National Sisters Day! đź‘­

By MNR News posted 08-01-2021 09:37


Sister_Blog-01.pngHappy National Sister Day! A special day to celebrate and cherish the strong ties of sisterhood. To celebrate, we caught up with a few sisters and sisters-in-law whose bond led them into real estate careers together.


Frankie Stoltz & BillieJo Sampson 

Move It Real Estate Group – Move It Sisters

Years working together: Five years

What is it like working with your sister?  It's fun!  We are a lot alike and it is really nice to work with someone who thinks and works so similar.

Best part working together? We've been able to spend a lot more time together as adults than siblings normally can. Plus, it's great to work with someone who has the same work ethic and that you trust 100%.

Toughest? Taking time off together.  We try hard to ensure one of us is always available. You'd think we'd be happy to vacation separately!

What is your sister's superpower? Making people relax (and sometimes ourselves) by joking or teasing each other.


Meaghan & Jennifer McPherson

The McPherson Sisters Real Estate Team


Years working together: Jennifer and I have actually worked together our whole lives. Nine years ago we decided we wanted to start our own real estate business together and here we are!  We have since recruited our mom to join in on the fun as well.  So, technically we have worked together 16 years but in real estate for nine.

What is it like working with your sister? Working with your sister is awesome!  We are best friends and honestly get along really well. Naturally being a business owner is stressful and sometimes we take that out on one another because we’re always together. The level of trust, respect, and love that we have for one other is really special. In the end, we absolutely love it, and we couldn't ask for better business partners.

Best part working together? The best part of working together is we have a lot of fun and are always there for one another. She picks me up when I fall down or am struggling and vice versa. We have opposite strengths, which is a blessing and makes us a great team, but also causes us to disagree when we are not on the same page about something.  It's all about good communication, which is constantly something we work on--just like any relationship.

What is your sister’s superpower?

Meghan: Jennifer's superpower is her ability to disconnect emotionally from a transaction or situation and she is a very, very good negotiator.  She doesn't let things "get to her” as often as I do and allows things that you really can't control roll off her back.


Jennifer:  I would say Meaghan's superpower is going above and beyond every single time.  Her attention to detail is also amazing!


Gina Duggan & Jody Garcia

Sisters of Real Estate Team with Keller William Integrity Realty


Years working together: We have been working part time together in real estate for over five years now but in total we have been working together for more than 15 years.

What is it like working with your sister? There is no other person each of us would rather work with. We always say we are sisters, and we’re also best friends and that is the absolute truth! We each have different strengths and weaknesses, so we balance each other out perfectly.

Best part of working together?
The best part about working together is the trust we each have in each other. We know that no matter what, that trust cannot be broken. We can count on one another to get things done and always show up when needed. If one of us is not available the other one will be, so it is also wonderful to have two of us!

Toughest? There honestly is not a tough part. Because of the support we have for one another it always is and always has been a win-win situation. This is not just in our careers but also in life. We are both just super grateful for one another.

What is your sister's superpower? We would have to say that Gina's superpower is an eye for noticing the small things in homes that could cause a potential issue for our buyers as well as things that need to be done in our sellers’ homes to get top dollar. Jody's superpower is the ability to explain things in detail for our clients and help them easily understand things that are very complex and confusing.

Jamie Sathers-Day & Julie Sathers

Sathers JS Realty

Years working today: 27 years working with Julie...it's amazing how fast the time flies by!

What is it like working with your sister? We have fun! When we are covering for each, I know that the work will be done in a similar fashion as my work.

Best part working together? Her attention to details is awesome. We personally care about each other, so that makes it easy to help each other out.

Toughest? I don't recall ever having a tough time working with her. If we do disagree, we can agree to disagree and move forward.

What is your sister’s superpower? We really have fun when we are attending real estate conventions. Her superpower is that she's a horse whisperer!