Penumbra Race & Equity Workshops

By MNR News posted 08-03-2021 20:23


illustration of a diverse group of peopleThe MNR Diversity Committee is proud to present the Penumbra Theater’s Race & Equity Workshop. This online presentation combines expert facilitation, monologues from artists, and opportunities for participants to use theatre to problem-solve. The process celebrates difference, recognizes cultural nuance, and incites everyone to participate in the dialogue. There will be two offerings of the workshop. You can attend one session or both! The cost is pay what you want or FREE!

First presentation: Thursday, August 12, 10 – 11:30 AM: Our Stories, Ourselves 
This training includes monologues from a diverse group of artists who share deeply personal and profound stories about their experiences with race and racism, followed by facilitated discussion and guided activities with participants that invite reflection and dialogue around authenticity, agency, and empowerment. The workshop will explore identity and social location work that lays a foundational groundwork for compassionate respectful and intentional communication and collaboration through difference, allowing participants to consider their own intersectional identities.

Second presentation: Wednesday, August 18, 1 – 2:30 PM: Equity @ Work
The 3 A's Framework, developed by Sarah Bellamy, provides guidance in understanding and realizing equity. This framework is used to support learning around the successive steps to enacting equity and offers opportunity to consider how change can be undertaken at the personal/interpersonal level as well as the organizational/systems. level. This session will ask participants to consider the harm that micro-aggressions can cause and explores how we can work to prevent harm through the awareness of the experience of others.