Meet a Member: Kim Culbert-Blaeser

By MNR News posted 11-08-2021 06:43

photo of KimKim Culbert-Blaeser
Culbert Realty, Virginia & Ely, MN

Hometown: Virginia, MN
Years as a Realtor®: 18

What inspired you to become a Realtor®?
“My great-grandpa was a builder and sold the homes he built. In 1959, his son-in-law (my grandpa) took over, changing the name to Culbert Realty. My dad was a Realtor® and Appraiser – he sold his first house when he was 16! My mom came into the business in 1988. It felt natural for me after I graduated from college to get my real estate license.”

“I grew up in the business. Real estate is in my genes!”

Best part about living in MN
“Living near my family and boating on Lake Vermillion.”

Favorite vacation spot
“Florida – on the Siesta Keys!”

Go-to dance move
“The ‘Kimma Quake’ only comes out at family weddings!”

Seen anything odd in a showing?
“I sold a house that had a homemade elevator in it. Yes, the buyers and I went in it, and yes, I was silently freaking out! Thankfully, it worked and we didn’t get stuck. The elevator did have to be removed and the stairs put in, so we could close the loan.”