Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

By MNR News posted 03-21-2022 20:38

Spring is the season of new growth. After a long, icy winter, there’s nothing quite like the warmth of the springtime sun. Here in Minnesota, we sometimes find it hard to predict exactly when spring will kick into full gear (think blizzards in April), but when it does arrive, we welcome it with open arms. 

Spring is also when we prepare our yards for gardening and outside entertainment, perform quarterly maintenance, and freshen up the inside of our homes.

Refer your clients to our Spring Maintenance Checklist to stay top of mind with them and/or use it for your own home.

This list might look exhaustive (and exhausting), but not all the items will apply to every home.

Quarterly maintenance

  • Change or clean your furnace filters, depending on the recommended frequency.
  • Clean or replace filters on any other mechanicals or appliances that have them, such as dehumidifiers, A/C units, or range hoods.
  • Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Change the batteries according to the manufacturer’s specs.
  • Turn over or rotate mattresses.

Freshen the interior

  • Open those windows and air out the house.
  • Remove storm windows, if you have them, and install screens after hosing or wiping them down.
  • Wipe down the blades of ceiling fans.
  • Close the fireplace damper.
  • Get rugs or carpet cleaned if necessary. Consider having the sofa steam cleaned.
  • Wash or replace pillows (most are only meant to last for one to three years).
  • Replace warm-weather bedding with lighter coverlets.
  • Have the air ducts cleaned (if needed).

The basement

  • Check carefully for any signs of water intrusion that can occur from snow melt.
  • Make sure the sump pump is working (if you have one).
  • Pull your dehumidifiers out of storage, if you use them, and clean out the tank.
  • Turn on the exterior water faucets. 

Get the exterior in gear

  • Attach your garden hoses.
  • Pressure-wash the patio and deck, and hose down outdoor furniture (pressure washers can be rented from most hardware stores).
  • Hose down the siding, inspecting for damage as you do.
  • Pressure-wash the driveway.
  • Have the gutters professionally cleaned.
  • Wash the window exteriors.
  • Sweep out the garage.
  • Detail the grill and check to see if it is working properly.

Get ready for gardening

  • Rake the lawn, aerate it, and overseed it as necessary
  • Try not to rake up wet leaves until the temperatures have exceeded 50 degrees for at least seven consecutive days. Worms, insects, and new plant shoots need the leaf cover until it gets warmer. When you do rake them up, consider using the leaves as mulch.
  • Clean outdoor ponds and fountains before filling them with water.
  • Hang hummingbird feeders—spring is when they begin to appear.
  • Shop for soil and mulch.
  • Sharpen gardening tools and test the lawnmower.
  • Plant your cool season veggies, such as onions, beets, lettuce, spinach, and carrots.
  • Plant rose roots.
  • Prune grape vines.
  • Fertilize any woody ornamental shrubs.

Phew! Once all this hard work is done, your final task is to pull out a lawn chair, settle in with a tall glass of iced tea, and soak in all the fresh spring air that you can.​