MNR in the News

By MNR News posted 04-05-2022 15:11

Minnesota real estate agents vastly outnumber houses to sell—Minnesota Realtors® CEO Chris Galler was quoted as saying: “It’s especially difficult for new agents to hang on … And this is a business where it’s really difficult to stay in it if you’re not doing some transactions.” Star Tribune, April 2nd

Sellers still control metro housing market—“Sales trends were similar across the state, with an 8.5% decline in listings, a 10% decline in pending sales and a nearly 8% increase in the median sale price” according to MNR’s February Housing Report. Yahoo News, March 15th

Home sales down in February as inventory remains a problem—“We simply don’t have the inventory levels necessary to meet demand," Chris Galler, CEO of Minnesota Realtors said in a statement. “The combination of a falling Affordability Index and rising interest rates is causing significant problems for first-time homebuyers who have been counting pennies and waiting anxiously to purchase a home of their own.” Newsbreak, March 11th