Video is the New Door Knocking

By MNR News posted 05-04-2022 15:54


Get in front of potential customers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

Video is hot. Every day, millions of viewers visit YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other outlets for entertainment, instruction, and virtual shopping—including house hunting. YouTube alone gets more than 30 million visits a day. Given the captive audience, it’s no surprise that 86% of American businesses use video to engage customers.

The downside is that video channels are exploding with content. How do you make your videos stand out from all the misbehaving cats, dancing flight attendants, and self-appointed self-help gurus—not to mention your bigger-budgeted competitors in the real estate biz?

The good news is that producing engaging videos doesn’t require a Hollywood bankroll. By focusing on subjects that are relevant to the communities you serve, you’ll connect with people who need your guidance and expertise. Below you’ll find three topics you can use to build your reputation as an expert on your local real estate market. Plus, we’ll look at easy Pro tips for making your videos slick and professional—on a budget.

Show That You’re a Master of the Market

You know the neighborhoods and numbers up and down your zip code. You’ve got the pulse on where home values are hitting the stratosphere but know where there are still a few sweet deals for first-time homebuyers. You’re also well versed in your community’s financial facts of life, like property tax rates and the cost of living. And, you know how rising interest rates will impact the ability of buyers to get in the game. Break that knowledge out of the spreadsheets and deliver it to eager buyers and sellers with video. Keep it fresh, current, and relevant by updating these reports at least once a month.

Welcome Newcomers with Top Tips

Successful Realtors® make it their business to know everything about their communities, from the best places to hike, bike, stroll, and shop to prime spots for hunting, fishing, boating, ball games, ballets, and plays. Sharing those secrets in a series of Top Tips videos is a great way to introduce your community—and services—to prospective customers. Make your video more dynamic by taking viewers on a quick personal tour of all those beloved haunts and locales.

Become an Advocate for Your Community

For most homebuyers, a journey that ends with piles of boxes stacked in a new home, begins with a browser search scoping out your local market. As a Realtor®, you know more than any mouse click can ever reveal. Drawing from your deep experience with clients, you can answer common questions about:

  • What makes your town or city unique?
  • Is it overhyped or under rated?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Where are the “well-kept secrets?”

Creating content like this elevates you above the pack and distinguishes you as a trusted advisor that viewers will seek out when they’re ready to buy or sell a home.

Make Pro Videos Without Spending a Fortune

You don’t need an expensive digital camera to get rolling with videos. Today’s smartphones can shoot high-quality 4K footage that will shine on screens big and small. By following a few simple tips, you can make the most of your resources and produce engaging content.

Get a Tripod

Unless you’re making an amateur horror movie, never do hand-held shooting. Even the steadiest paws produce noticeable tremors and shakes. Inexpensive tripods can be purchased for about $50, plus about $20 for an adaptor to mount your phone.

Frame It

Choosing what to show in the video frame is an art form you could study for years. But here are the basics. All YouTube videos are presented in horizontal frames, while Instagram and TikTok are vertical. Keep this top-of-mind as you shoot for each of these social media outlets.

Light it Up

Lights make skin glow, colors pop, and add dimension and depth to your videos. Although lighting rigs can cost thousands of dollars, you can put a basic setup together for $100 or less.

Lock in Focus and Exposure

Smartphone cameras have auto-focus-and-exposure features that can wreak havoc on your carefully crafted video. If you’re talking on camera, every time you move—even slightly—the image will blur and the exposure will vary wildly. Prevent this by using your smartphone’s manual features to set and lock these elements.

Don’t Forget About Sound

Amateur video productions often sound tinny, echoey, or downright inaudible. You can correct most of these issues by investing in an external microphone that connects directly to your smartphone. Depending on the production, you can use a phone-mounted directional mic, or a lavalier mic that clips on to the subject’s clothing. Simple mics can be purchased for as little as $40, but you’ll get better results from models in the $150-plus range. 

The Big Three Video Platforms