Get to Know Our 2023 Leadership Team—Geri Theis, President-Elect

By MNR News posted 02-02-2023 09:50 AM

Q&A with 2023 MNR President-Elect Geri Theis
What do you want to accomplish in your role as president-elect?
This year with the help of our leadership team, CEO, staff, and volunteers, I hope to unite all members of Minnesota Realtors®. 2023 will be a year of transition. As we welcome our new CEO, we look forward to a new vision for the future. Part of that vision is to create one powerful team. We have an incredible group of volunteers and an awesome staff. When we work together for the same goal, we will be unstoppable. 

What do you see as the single biggest challenge awaiting you? 
In the past, we have become a world where all we see is each person’s differences. This has stopped us from working together. It has separated us and caused controversy. The differences have prevented us from focusing on what we have in common and doing great things. We need to stop seeing differences as negatives and see them as strengths. When each person adds their unique perspective, we can do so much more. 

We hear you’re a Vikings superfan. How far will you go to support the Purple & Gold? 
I love my Vikings! My husband and I are huge fans. We decided to make it our mission to travel to all the NFL stadiums! We have made it to five and are already talking about traveling to next year’s games. We made it on the Vikings Facebook cover photo for their #purple Friday a few years back.

We also have a family fantasy football challenge every year and even ordered a Lombardi trophy that goes to the winner’s home for the year. I have won it a few times in the last six years.