Get to Know Our 2023 Leadership Team—Jason Miller, Immediate Past President

By MNR News posted 02-23-2023 10:40

Q&A with Immediate Past President Jason Miller
What do you want to accomplish in your role as Past President?
During this year of changes at MNR, I hope to support our leadership team, as well as our staff and our new CEO.

What do you see as the single biggest challenge awaiting you?
We are welcoming Josh McFall, our first new CEO in almost 15 years. It will be an adjustment for members, volunteers, staff, and the CEO, but I’m excited for a new voice and vision, and will help this Alabama native acclimate to life in Minnesota and accomplish great things with our association.

Do you do any volunteer work?
I’m passionate about volunteering in my community and have been heavily involved with several groups, including: the Saint Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce, the March of Dimes, and the Adopt a Family program at my kids’ school. Just recently, I was asked to participate in the Dancing with Our Stars community event, where I’ll be training for six months to compete in a Ballroom Dance competition and raise money for both the Women’s Fund of Central Minnesota, as well as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Saint Cloud Hospital. 

Do you have a hidden talent?

Song titles! Recently, I found a good use for this mostly worthless talent. When I was in Philadelphia with a group of fellow REALTORS® for the REALTOR® Party training, we competed in, and won a Name That Tune competition. I’m not sure if I’ll ever need that skill again, but it sure was fun to represent MNR from across the country that night.