Top 10 Reasons People Love Living in Minnesota

By MNR News posted 08-25-2023 09:58

Do people actually love living in Minnesota? Well you betcha they do! Sure, our winters are a little cold and sometimes long (ever seen snow in May?), but there’s so much to love about living in the land of 10,000 lakes.  

Uff da, it’s hard to know where to begin! There's no doubt that making a home here in the bold north brings joy and satisfaction to folks from all walks of life. From the Twin Cities to the smallest towns, we Minnesotans take pride in our way of life. So, let's grab a hotdish and a nice cold pop as we explore 10 reasons why people absolutely adore living in Minnesota, dontcha know?

Minnesota is Home
The data is in and shows that Minnesota is one of the country’s best places to call home. The homeownership rate in Minnesota ranks third in the nation at 75.6%. We’re also ranked the second-best state to start a family by WalletHub, due to our high-quality education, healthcare, culture, and family-oriented communities.

1. Minnesota Nice
One of the top reasons folks love Minnesota is the Minnesota Nice attitude. But it's more than just a stereotype or catchphrase; it's a way of life. Around here, you'll find folks genuinely friendly, always willing to lend a helping hand or engage in a warm chat. They'll snow blow your driveway for ya even when it's colder than a polar bear's toenails outside!

2. Four Seasons of Beauty: 

Minnesota winters can get a bit nippy and long, but don't ya worry. When it comes to natural beauty, Minnesota has so much to offer. Each season brings its own charm. Fall paints the trees in hues of gold and red, while spring welcomes back the chirping birds. Summers offer endless lake fun, and winter transforms the landscape into a sparkling, frosty wonderland. Sure, sometimes winter lasts a couple months too long, but if nothing else, it builds character. And then when the weather his 40° F for the first time in the Spring, you’ll see us in shorts and T-shirts until October! 

3. Lakes, Lakes, and More Lakes:
You'd be hard-pressed to find a spot in Minnesota that's more than a stone's throw away from a lake? With over 10,000 lakes in the state (yeah, you heard right), there's no shortage of water here. And don’t you dare let a Wisconsinite tell you that they technically have more lakes—they count ponds and other small bodies of water that we Minnesotans wouldn’t dream of calling a lake! Plus, Minnesota is home to one of the country’s great outdoor regions—the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, the most protected natural area in the nation—which has over 1 million acres within the Superior National Forest. 

So whether you’re into fishin', boatin', canoein, or just loungin' by the shoreit's a water-lover's dream come true! 

4. Fiercely Proud Sports Culture:
If you’re a fair-weather fan, steer clear of Minnesota sports. Fans here are well acquainted with sporting grief and know how to endure decades of heartache. Despite the years of suffering through losses and underwhelming performances, Minnesota sports fans are loyal to our teams. Vikings, Wild, Twins, Timberwolves, Lynx—the states sports culture is as vibrant as it is loyal. Whether it’s cheering with 70,000 plus fans on a crisp autumn day inside the new U.S. Bank stadium, enjoying a mid-summer’s eve at Target Field ballpark, blowing the roof off the Xcel Energy center, or piling into the Target Center on a frigid winter night, Minnesotans will be there for their teams through thick and thin. And our optimism is unflinching—at the start of any season, you’ll find us shouting: this is our year”!  

5. Thriving Arts and Music Scene:
You might think we're all about the outdoors, but the arts and music scene here is just as lively! Minnesotans proudly claim Prince, Bob Dylan, Judy Garland, The Replacements, The Andrew Sisters, The Suburbs, Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lizzo, and even Winona Ryder as their own. The Twin Cities are a hub for creativity, with theaters, art galleries, and live music venues aplenty. The famous First Avenue club has hosted some legendary artists, and local bands are always ready to put on a show. From the nationally renowned Walker Art Center to Minneapolis Institute of Art to the Guthrie Theater to smaller venues, Minnesota has something for the art-lover in your family. 

6. Top-Notch Education:
We don’t like to brag, but education is a big deal in Minnesota. With top universities and a strong emphasis on learning, it's no wonder why families flock here to give their kids the best opportunities. We take pride in our schools, and we prioritize access to a great education from early childhood all the way through post-secondary.  

7. Love for the State Fair:
Ope, can’t forget to mention the State Fair! It's the grandest get-together of them all, where folks from all corners of the state gather to eat everything on a stickfrom corn dogs to snickers bars to tater tot hot dish (yes, all on a stick). And don’t forget deep-fried cheese curds and the world-famous Martha’s cookies. The Great Minnesota Get-Together is a cherished tradition that brings the community closer, and the food coma is totally worth it! 

8. The Greatest of All the Great Lakes:
It’s not named Lake Superior for no reason, after all. The biggest (and best) of all the Great Lakes, Superior’s unmatched beauty makes it a top destination in the state. We Minnesotans love the North Shore with all it has to offer—from hikes along rugged cliffs to kayaking on Superior’s crisp, clear waters. Plus, here are a few fun facts about our beloved Great Lake:  

  • It contains 10% of the world’s freshwater 

  • Lake Superior could hold all the water from the other four Great Lakes combined, plus an additional three Lake Eries 

  • It would require 551 billion gallons of water to raise Superior’s water level by one inch 

  • If you emptied Lake Superior of all its water, you could cover the whole of North and South America in one foot of water 

9. Beautiful Small-Town Charm:
Minnesota’s small towns are numerous and unique—from the far reaches of the north on the Iron Range to the farmlands of the south, there’s nothing quite like small-town Minnesota. With friendly faces and a strong sense of community, these little gems offer a cozy and heartwarming atmosphere. You'll feel right at home, don'tcha know! 

10. Embracing Winter Like No Other:
Winter here sure isn’t for the faint of heart, but Minnesotans know how to embrace it with open arms. Ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and more—we turn the cold season into a winter wonderland. We even have the Winter Carnival, and an annual festival called the 'Polar Plunge,' where folks willingly jump into icy lakes for charity. Now, that’s some true Minnesota spirit! 

So, there ya have it 10 reasons why Minnesota is sure to knock your socks off. From the friendly people to the breathtaking nature and rich culture, it's a state that'll make you feel like you've found your 'hotdish' in life. So, what are ya waitin' for? Come on up and experience the 'Minnesota Nice' for yourself!"