CE Requirements

CE Requirements

The Department of Commerce requires all real estate salespersons and all real estate brokers to successfully complete 30 hours of approved real estate continuing education during their initial license period and during each succeeding 24-month license period. At least 15 of the 30 credit hours must be completed during the first 12 months of the 24-month licensing period.

A minimum of 30 credit hours of approved courses each 2-year license period must include:

  • 1 credit hour from a class or classes in the area of fair housing, each 2-year license period;
  • 1 credit hour per licensing period from a class or classes in the area of agency law, each 2-year license period;
  • The annual assigned required module hours as part of the credit hours each licensing year. Required module titles* and credit hours are subject to change each year.

No credit will be earned if the licensee has previously obtained credit for the same course during the same licensing period.

A licensee will not receive credit for more than eight (8) hours of continuing education in one day.

Contact your course provider directly if you have taken a course that is not listed on your CE transcript. The Department of Commerce cannot assist you with this issue. All completed continuing education courses must be uploaded by the course provider.

*The 2019-2020 Salesperson & Broker Required Module is "Agency, Fair Housing, & Energy Efficiency", for 3.75 hours of continuing education. It must be completed prior to the June 30, 2020 licensing renewal deadline.

Today's complex real estate transactions are full of challenges and expose licensees to a number of high ares of risk. This course is designed to explore agency issues, disclosure requirements, negotiation issues, cancellation concerns, contracts and contingencies, and will provide guidance on reducing risk liability exposure.

Licensees who attend this course will:

  • Learn liability issues and problems relating to disclosure;
  • Learn liability issues and statutory obligations pertaining to advertising;
  • Learn how to protect and safeguard the personal data they collect from their clients and customers; 
  • Review contracts and the requirements of listing contracts, buyer representation agreements and facilitator services agreements;
  • Receive tips to reduce liability through preventative measures.

There is no additional module requirement for brokers during the 2019-20 period.

*Commercial-Only Brokers & Salespersons
Fair Housing, Agency Law, and the Module Training continuing education requirements do not apply to commercial-only salespersons and brokers engaged solely in the commercial real estate business, and who file with the commissioner a verification of this status. You must notify the Department of Commerce yearly, prior to June 30thPrimary Brokers have the ability to enable and disable this designation online within PULSE Portal. The feature is called: "Verify Commercial-Only Designations." Please note: Paper exemption forms are no longer accepted.

More information is available at http://mn.gov/commerce/licensees/education-licensees/licensees


Please Read Carefully
Information will be uploaded to the PULSE Portal website for all attendees who have attended a real estate continuing education course. The data upload will be completed within 10 business days from the course date. A course completion certificate is not provided. Instead, agents obtain a course transcript directly from the PULSE Portal website. To obtain a copy of your attendance transcript for your records, follow these steps:

  • Go to www.PULSEportal.com
  • Choose "Minnesota Department of Commerce" as a Program
  • Choose "Real Estate" as a Board
  • At the bottom, under "Other Services" select "Review Your CE Transcript"
  • Enter your last name, license number, and Social Security Number
  • From this menu, you will be able to print a copy of all of your real estate continuing education classes that you completed during the current licensing cycle.

NOTE: You must disable your pop-up blocker to view the reports.

If you are not seeing all of your courses on the transcript, be sure to look at the top to see the number of pages your transcript contains. It may be that you have to manually change page numbers to view past page 1 and see all of the courses.

If your license is inactive, courses taken will not show on your PULSE transcript. You can phone PULSE Portal Customer Service at 877.244.1688 to ensure the correct classes are on your record.

If you have a nonresident Minnesota real estate license, courses will not show on your PULSE transcript. You can phone PULSE Portal Customer Service at 877.244.1688 to ensure the correct classes are on your record.

If you encounter any difficulties or need assistance in obtaining your transcript, the phone number for the PULSE Portal Customer Service at 877.244.1688.