Key Contact Program

What is the Key Contact Program?

The Key Contact Program is a grassroots effort that benefits our industry by promoting the common interests of Realtors®, legislators and their constituents. Designed to foster long-term relationships between state legislators and individual Realtor® members, the program creates personal connections that help our industry. Members who become Key Contacts can:

  • Speak candidly and authoritatively about our association’s legislative views and concerns
  • Develop trusting, ongoing relationships that benefit legislators, their constituents, and Realtors®
  • Realtors® who participate in the Key Contact Program have the opportunity to become the voice of the Minnesota real estate community.

What Does a Key Contact Do?

Any Realtor® member or affiliate of a local Realtor® board can participate in the Key Contact Program. As a Key Contact you:

  • Meet with your legislator once a quarter
  • Coordinate with your Local Association at least once annually
  • Respond promptly to requests from your legislator
  • Attend Housing Day at the Capitol
  • Provide leadership in RPAC-related functions and activities by
    • Becoming a regular contributor to RPAC
    • Encouraging your Local Association members to contribute to RPAC.
    • Delivering an RPAC contribution check to your legislator (only upon the request of Minnesota Realtors®)