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Minnesota Realtors®, its members, and its leadership foster an inclusive and welcoming environment that represents all of our Realtor® members, homeowners, and our Minnesota community. The National Association of Realtors® (NAR), its members, and all local and state associations abide by a Code of Ethics that calls on Realtors® to respect all. Our profession across the nation is firmly built on these ideals.

Our Association staff and leadership denounce any statements or expressions that continue to divide us as a nation and as a community. We support all those who seek peaceful and meaningful conversation within our communities and encourage discussions about the long-term changes needed for all Minnesotans to feel safe and thrive. We are here to cultivate good will and promote positive action in our community.

It is important, especially during emotional times like these, to remember your audience and be sensitive with what you post on social media. Social media can reach many people quickly and can affect your image. Before posting be mindful and ask yourself, "is this a responsible and ethical representation of myself not only personally but professionally?" Please also visit NAR's guidelines for helpful advice on this topic.

We have partnered with Minneapolis Area Realtors® (MAR) and St. Paul Area Association of Realtors® (SPAAR) to focus on learning, partnership, and action to help build a better bridge to the future. Our work will include:

  • Governmental Affairs and partnering with lawmakers on policies that will help close the homeownership inequity gap
  • Education on the history of real estate's past and resources in the quest to be anti-racist; this means going beyond Fair Housing education, offering continuing education classes on this topic as well as providing non-CE related opportunities
  • Donating/Giving Back to organizations that are assisting in the education, recovery and rebuilding effort
  • Grants that will be applied towards city clean up and initiatives that are making a difference

We are committed to continually looking at what we can do as an association to make meaningful changes that address racial injustice in our community. Thank you for being community leaders as we strive to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

Bob Clark
, Minnesota Realtors® 2020 President
Chris Galler, Minnesota Realtors® CEO

Realtors® Rebuilding Community Team

Carrie Chang, MAR CEO
Bob Clark, MNR 2020 President
Man Huynh, Realtors® Rebuilding Community Working Group Chair

Nene Matey-Keke, Realtor®
Joe McKinley, SPAAR Vice President of Advocacy & Community Engagement
Dakota Olds, Realtor®
Patrick Ruble, SPAAR 2020 President
John Smaby, NAR Past President

| Making A Difference - Together

The Minnesota real estate community showed up for the Twin Cities in a big way in 2020! Thanks to the incredible generosity of Realtors®, local associations, and business across the state, the Realtors®' Rebuilding Community Giving Campaign was able to raise over $250,000 for the community!

Funds raised were distributed to the following organizations to help repair & rebuild:

• Upper Northside Business Association
• Longfellow Community Council
• Minneapolis Foundation 
• Twin Cities Rebuild for the Future Fund

photo of a group of people

photo of a group of people

photo of a group of people