Risk Management

Commission Disputes

If you find yourself in conflict with Realtor® principals from other brokerages, another Realtor®, or a consumer, Minnesota Realtors® can provide mediation/arbitration to help resolve:

  • Contractual disputes over cooperating compensation and other issues
  • Specific non-contractual disputes*
  • Disputes between Realtors® and consumers

*Learn more by reading Code of Ethics Standard of Practice 17-4. You can download the complete Code of Ethics from the National Association of Realtors®.

Mediation/Arbitration is How Realtors® Resolve Commission Disputes

Remember, as a Realtor® member you’re obligated to seek Minnesota Realtors® assistance to resolve a commission dispute instead of taking legal action against another Realtor®. We offer mediation/arbitration when all parties are willing and agree to arbitration as a dispute-resolution option to address those commission disputes that cannot be resolved by our members independently. Check out the sections below to learn more about the process.


In certain circumstances, we provide mediation and arbitration services between consumers and Realtors® or between Realtors® who agree to use our services instead of the court system. However, participation is not mandatory.

Please see Voluntary Arbitration for more information.