Membership Information

The Minnesota REALTORS® is part of a three-tiered organization. The three tiers are composed of a local, state, and national association. 

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​Primary Membership: To become a REALTOR® member, you are required to join all three levels of the Organization. To apply for REALTOR® membership in an Association, you must be affiliated with a broker who also holds REALTOR® membership. An agent can join the local association in which their broker (or office manager, for multiple offices) is a member, either primarily or secondarily. For example, if a broker holds primary membership with the Minneapolis Association, and secondary membership with the St. Paul association, then the agent can join either of those two local associations. As a broker, you can choose membership of any local association, regardless of where your office is located. Primary membership is handled by the local association. For a list of local associations, please click here. Local dues vary, but Minnesota dues are $185/year; and National dues are $185/year. Dues at all levels are prorated monthly for new members*. 

Secondary Membership: If you are already a REALTOR® member in another state, and want to join Minnesota REALTORS®, you can join as a Secondary Member. Secondary Members receive the same benefits as Primary Members, such as access to Forms. Dues are $185/year - prorated monthly for new members*. To join Minnesota REALTORS® as a Secondary Member, please complete this form.
NOTE: You must hold a Minnesota Real Estate License to join as a Secondary Member.
PLEASE NOTE: The Minnesota REALTORS® does not provide MLS access. All MLS access in Minnesota is granted by the local associations. If you are looking to access MLS, please contact one of the local associations.

Affiliate Membership: If you are not a real estate licensee, you can join Minnesota REALTORS® as an Affiliate Member. As an Affiliate Member, you will receive our monthly newsletter and our weekly e-newsletter, participate in select member benefits programs, and receive a discounted vendor rate to our various events. Dues are $185/year - prorated monthly for new members*. To join Minnesota REALTORS® as an Affiliate Member, please complete this form.
NOTE: Affiliate Members do not have access to Forms/Instanet or the Legal Hotline.

Institute Affiliate Membership: Institute Affiliates are individuals who hold a professional designation awarded by an Institute, Society, or Council affiliate with the National Association of REALTORS® that addresses a specialty area other than residential brokerage or individuals who otherwise hold a class of membership in such Institute, Society, or Council that confers the right to hold office. Any such individual, if otherwise eligible, may elect to hold REALTOR® membership, subject to payment of applicable dues for such membership. No Institute Affiliate Member may be granted the rights to use the term REALTOR®, or the REALTOR® logo, or to serve as President of the State Association; and shall agree to abide by the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations of the Member Board/Association, the State Association, and the National Association; and further, is encouraged to abide by the principles established by the NAR Code of Ethics, but is not subject to disciplinary authority of the State Association with regard to conduct inconsistent with the Code of Ethics. Institute Affiliate members receive our newsletter and e-newsletter, and can participate in select member benefits programs.
NOTE: Institute Affiliates do not have access to Forms/Instanet or the Legal Hotline.


*Minnesota REALTORS® Fiscal Year is January 1 - December 31st.