Brandon Johnson

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Brandon Johnson


The best part is being involved with someone on helping them change the course of their lives through homeownership. I also see a major influence on the role we play in the political landscape advocating for consumers' and property owners’ rights.

I remember helping a single mom with 2 young kids. She told me that she could never afford a home and would never be able to provide that safety and security for her kids. After talking with her more it was clear she had the ability to pay a mortgage, and after connecting her with a good lender we were able to provide her a pre-approval letter. There was a limiting belief she had, and no one showed her how to achieve her goal. When we were able to guide her through the process, step by step, and end with her driving her 2 kids to their new house and sharing the news that they were moving was one of the most memorable moments of my career. The joy and glee was contagious, and continues to drive me to this day to fight for people’s dreams of homeownership.


Numerous studies show the power of homeownership and the massive impact it has on the family, neighborhood and communities. Just look at the impact Habitat for Humanity has across the world with the sole focus of providing stable housing for people in need. As statistically the largest asset in an American’s wealth portfolio, it’s no surprise this industry is incredibly important to our communities and clients as we drive local economies and stability through housing.