The Why In Realty

photo of Joyce

Joyce Krenz

New Ulm

I was fortunate to leave my full-time job as a department store manager to be a stay-at-home mother to my 4 children. During my time home with them, my mother (who raised 8 children with a full-time nursing career) reminded me from time to time that if something were to happen to my husband I needed to be employable and able to support my family on my own. When my youngest was 4, I looked for options that allowed me flexibility with my family’s schedule. Real estate fit the bill! I scheduled appointments around school events, ball games, and family situations. Now as a grandmother, I can the same with grandkid activities.

Being allowed to be a part of my client’s families for a short time (and times forever!) is a privilege. There is nothing better than receiving artworks from client’s children to put in my office and receiving family Christmas photos year after year is so heartwarming. People’s dream homes all look different, and it’s an honor to help people find theirs.