The Why In Realty

photo of Natalie

Natalie Webster


Though I was born and raised in Hawaii, I’ve called the Lake Minnetonka area of Minnesota home for over 25 years. I have moved more times than I can count in my lifetime, each time having to connect to a new community. The feeling of connecting and becoming part of a community is why I became a Realtor®.

I fell in love with land development and realized I wanted to advocate for homebuyers and homeowners and help people have a positive experience when it came to one of the biggest transactions of their lives. Moving can be stressful, but it is also an adventure filled with blank pages waiting to be written. Being able to witness people joyfully plan their next steps in life is a priceless gift. Being able to help them get one step closer to their goals is why I am a Realtor®.

My job is so much more than listing a home or helping clients purchase a home. My job is to help my clients connect in their new communities. I make a point to know where my clients will be grocery shopping, where they will get their dry cleaning done. I spend time in the different communities I work in getting to know local businesses and the individuals who run them.

For me, being a Realtor® is about helping people to connect to and within their communities.