The Why In Realty

photo of Rhea

Rhea Christenson


What inspired me to become a Realtor® was seeing people close to me, my aunts to be specific, investing in rental properties. I loved the idea of being able to offer others an affordable place to live. As I was in the process of becoming a Realtor® I heard a lot of stories from friends who had recently purchased about how uneducated they felt about the whole process (they didn't know what earnest money was) and that made me that much more motivated to begin my career and start to help others.

The best part of being a Realtor® is having a wide range of knowledge that you can share with everyone. From buying land to investing in rentals, I love opening people's eyes to the opportunities that real estate has to offer and educating them on all aspects. Real estate is such an important profession because it takes away the stress from individuals and families having to figure out all the hills and valleys of buying and selling property themselves. It gives people a layer of protection from unethical lenders, scams, and confusion when it comes to contracts. I love being a Realtor® and look forward to helping my local community grow and thrive even more through homeownership.