The Why In Realty

photo of Robin

Robin Cicmil


I have always wanted to own my own business or be self-employed. I wanted a flexible schedule and control the amount of income I made. My sister encouraged me as well for she started as a Realtor® 5 years earlier than me.

It feels good to help someone overcome some of the many obstacles there are to some transactions. When you can end a transaction with happy buyers and sellers, and they leave as good acquaintances or friends that exchange phone numbers, that is a very good experience. There is a lot that goes into both listing a home or buying a home, so you want to hire someone that has the knowledge and experience. That is why we have the Code of Ethics and are required to take continuing education to keep our license. Realtors are held to high standards.

And real estate is more than just selling houses. We are considered one of the largest groups when it comes to voting on important issues at the state and national levels and getting them to pass for the benefit of all Realtors® and our clients.

Ultimately I love showing houses and I love the happiness, especially a first-time home buyer’s experience when they are proud owners of their home. I love the journey and it is never the same from transaction to transaction. Buying your first home is one of the biggest decisions and most expensive purchase someone will make in their lifetime. Homeownership is a huge part of the American Dream. As a Realtor®, I take that very seriously.