Updated COVID-19 FAQs based on EO 20-63 (effective June 1)

By MNR News posted 06-02-2020 15:04


co vid 19 f a qsThe Governor's new order (EO 20-63), effective from 11:59 PM on May 31, 2020, states that businesses whose workers qualified for a Critical Sector exemption in EO 20-48 may continue to operate in the same manner as provided in order 20-48. 

REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS EXEMPT: Real estate transactions have remained on the governor’s list of Critical Sector work. This category is limited to workers who facilitate and finance real estate transactions and real estate services, including appraisers and title services. All workers and personnel facilitating and financing real estate transactions are exempt from the prohibition to Stay at Home if they cannot do telework or virtual work at their home or residence and/or perform work that can only be done outside their home or residence. 

Under EO 20-48, critical workers must follow these restrictions and requirements:

  1. Travel Restriction: Critical worker exemptions apply ONLY to travel to and from an individual’s home or residence and place of work.  (This includes driving to and from daycare or school.)
  2. Cannot Be Done at Home: They also apply ONLY when an individual’s performance of work duties CANNOT be done at their homes or residence;
  3. Must Follow Guidelines:  Any facilitation of real estate transactions must be done to the maximum extent possible, in a manner that adheres to the MN Occupational Safety and Health Standards and the MN Department of Health (“MDH Guidelines”) and CDC Guidelines related to COVID-19.

For the rest of our FAQs please go to https://www.mnrealtor.com/member-services/communications/covid19-resources/covid19-faqs