Marketing Monday: Don’t Forget the Hashtags!

By MNR News posted 15 days ago


Marketing_Monday_2_Hashtags-01__1_.pngWhether you’re a newcomer or a social media guru, using hashtags is an effective way to take your posts to the next level. It’s easy to disregard hashtags as trivial, but they’re important for establishing your brand, bringing your audience to you, and can bring your posts to the forefront of important conversations happening on social platforms!

Here are some quick tips or reminders to help you effectively use #hashtags in your social posts!

Don’t go hashtag crazy! Stick to 3-4 relevant hashtags.

Make sure your account is public. Oh, awkward, no one can find you or your post even if you do use hashtags. Make sure your account is set to the public setting.

Research hashtags before you use them! Sometimes hashtags on social may mean something else on your platform, and though well-intentioned could not be a hashtag you want to associate with your brand.

Keep up-to-date on trending hashtags. Using trending hashtags can help catapult your posts & account into the limelight. Fun hashtags & social holidays are great ways to interact with your audience and customers!