Letters Against Isolation UNITE! Service Project

By MNR News posted 13 days ago


photo of multiple lettersThe Member Engagement Committee chaired by Jackie Pozorski wanted to coordinate a service project during the UNITE! virtual convention.  Letters Against Isolation is a project that was started by a couple who have been doing their best to support their self-isolating grandparents during COVID-19.  They realized that without visitors or the ability to interact with the wider world, many senior citizens are growing lonely. They believed that they could do something to help, and so they decided to spread some joy and write handwritten letters to residents of assisted living facilities and care homes.  When growing demand for letters outpaced them, they started Letters Against Isolation.

How It Works
You can write as many letters as you would like! You can write about whatever you would like but remember that these letters will be brightening days; try to make them cheerful and be creative! You can even get your kids and grandkids involved!

Please do not include your address, phone number or anything else that would identify yourself and do not send gifts or solicit in your letters.

You can address your letters to “Dear Friend”

If you are in need of ideas, please feel free to contact lettersagainstisolation@gmail.com.

When you finish writing your letters, simply mail them to one or both of the addresses below (You can mail multiple letters in one envelope). Once you’ve mailed your letters, send an email to lettersagainstisolation@gmail.com letting them know how many letters you sent. This is really important as it allows them to work with the senior centers and allocate volunteers more efficiently.  And, they’ll let us know how many letters we sent during September!

photo of lettersWalker Methodist Place
3701 Bryant Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55409

The Terraces Assisted Living
Attention: Judy Johnson
901 Feltl Court  
Hopkins, MN  55343