Homeowner Checklist – 5 Easy Home Projects To Upgrade Your Space!

By MNR News posted 10 days ago

K52S2KEHTViBNCUFEIDE_temp-T.jpgMove over puzzles and bread making, home projects have become the stay-at-home trend.  And with so many spending more time at home, it’s essential that those spaces bring comfort and joy. 

Here are a few easy home projects anyone can do to make improvements with a big return on investment. 


Paint Your Front Door 

Be the envy of your neighborhood by adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door! Adding a pop of color is also a quick & easy way to boost curb appeal.   


Modernize Your Kitchen - One Handle At A Time 

Looking for a quick & easy way to update your kitchen? Add a modern twist to your kitchen by swapping out the handles of your cabinets.  


Upgrade Your Office Space 

Working from home in a comfortable space is essential. Upgrading your at-home office can be as easy as a desk upgrade, a fresh coat of paint, or adding better lighting! 

It’s also an excellent excuse to give your video conference backdrop a facelift. Try adding some artwork, pops of color, or adding a bookshelf to create a stylish backdrop and an aesthetically pleasing room to be in.  


Paint An Accent Wall  

A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive & fun way to upgrade any room. But if painting an entire room seems daunting, try painting an accent wall. A pop of color can make a huge difference!  


Say Aloe To New Plant Friends 

Getting a few houseplants can brighten any room - and they can boost your mood and detoxify the air. Plus, plants make people happy!