Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Realtor® Couples 💗

By MNR News posted 02-12-2021 13:59


As Realtors
®, our members have helped countless young couples find first homes where love can grow and blossom. And for some lucky Realtors®, the course of doing business leads to the course of true love. This Valentine’s Day we celebrate seven Realtor® couples whose passion for real estate sparked passion for each other, and a lifetime where business forever tangles with pleasure.

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Cheryl & Robert Siebenaler -
Weichert, Realtors®-Carnel & Co. 
Cannon Falls, MN

Years together:  30 years in September!

How we ended up working together:  We both became realtors in 2008.  We had previously worked together at other businesses, as well.

I started working for the then broker as an admin. During that time, Rob decided to get his license and I got mine as well. Shortly after, we decided to purchase Carnel & Co Realtors, after the broker became ill.

Best part about working together:  Well, I always know where he is! 
I also think our personalities work well together. We have different roles, different strengths, and back each other up. We don’t necessarily always agree, but most of the time we are on the same page.

Toughest part about working together:  The inability to turn it off. We tend to live in real estate 24/7. So, even if we are out of the office, we still think about real estate.

Biggest lesson learned: We are a good team and couple. Patience and respect for each other is important. Unlike most, we are together pretty much ALL the time, but we wouldn’t want it any other way (most of the time!).

Tom & June Wiener – Cardinal Realty 
Oakdale, MN

Years together:  43 years

How we ended up working together: Tom received his real estate license in 1978! I joined the real estate industry with Cardinal Realty 37 years ago.
Technically, we are not a team in the traditional real estate sense. We do work together for the same company but our roles are different. 

Tom is a real estate broker and a general contractor for our home building business, Cardinal Homebuilders Inc. I am a real estate salesperson for Cardinal Realty and sell not only existing homes but also new homes for Cardinal Homebuilders.

Our paths cross frequently during the day but we do not necessarily work side-by-side.

Best part about working together: We can hash out problems and brainstorm ideas together. We remind each other what is truly important in life.

Toughest part about working together: When we don’t agree! We try to remember to listen to one another and to respect the other’s opinion. 

Biggest lesson learned: Compromise is probably the biggest lesson we’ve learned - while working and also in everyday life. We love the opportunity to share our experiences and we hope that some of what we have learned over the years is helpful to others. Remember: Life is an adventure, full of ups and downs – enjoy the ride!

Shannon & Jennifer PlourdeKeller Williams Realty Integrity Lakes: The Plourde Team 

Years together: 4 years

How we ended up working together: We’ve been working together for 3 years. We were Realtors® at different brokerages and decided to get married and combined businesses!

Best part about working together: Having someone to share the load but also we have a ton of fun together. 

Toughest part about working together:  Separating work from personal time

Biggest lesson learned: Understanding our individual strengths and allowing each other to take the lead in those areas. 

Rich and Kay Hansen – Coldwell Banker Realty 
Eagan, MN

Years together: Kay and I have been together for 53 years. 

How we ended up working together:  Kay joined me in real estate 18 years ago. Prior to that she taught French at Hopkins High School & West Jr. High for 34 years.

Kay felt she could help more than my assistant at the time (and she did) and wanted to do something much different than teaching. However she lost all her vacations, nights, weekends, summer breaks, etc! Such is the path of the Realtor! But now our vacation time is the same!

Best part about working together: The greatest part of working together was and is sharing the experiences and the great people we get to meet and work with. For 34 years we went in different directions and had our own separate experiences, as so many couples do.

Toughest part about working together: Working through our different opinions on a lot of matters, & knowing Kay is really the CEO of our "Team" now.

Biggest lesson learned: Learn to work to each other's strengths, & learn how to share the experiences. Now I understand how dependent I am on Kay!

Richard & Meta Webb – The Webb Group, Re/Max Results
Edina, MN

Years together: 11 years

How we ended up working together:  We’ve been working together full-time for 7 years.

Richard was already in real estate and I had a background in nursing and medical device sales. After we purchased our first investment property together, I got licensed in 2010. In 2013 I initially started as Richard's assistant, but that didn't last long before we became a team.

Best part about working together: We can bounce ideas off each other and share the workload. We are both passionate about real estate so it is fun to share this passion with each other. We love the flexibility and ability to control our schedule so we work hard and play hard too!

Toughest part about working together: Knowing when to shut it off. There are times when it feels like all we do is talk about houses and work!

Biggest lesson learned: Listen first, be open to each other's ideas, let the other excel at their strengths.

Patty Zuzek & David Pope - Zuzek Pope Home & Land Specialists 
Burnsville, MN

Years together: 10 years

How we ended up working together: We started working together for 6 years and 3 years as a LLC.

David had been in real estate years prior to us meeting as a Farm Manager. When we met, his license was not active and he was working in private industry. After a few  years of marriage he decided to reactivate his license and join me in the real estate industry as he saw how passionate I was about it and it rekindled his passion for the land/farmland real estate. A couple years after working again in the industry with me part time, I guess we can say the rest is history. We are now partners in our real estate business and in life.

Best part about working together: We are the ying and yang to our business. It is nice to bounce ideas off one another and work with clients together. Two sets of eyes, ears are better than one.  The best is our clients do not just get one of us, they get both of us. 

Toughest part about working together: Sometimes the separation between work and home is blurred. Making certain we always communicate and not assume we have stated what is in our heads. Making sure we schedule time for us and our family.

Biggest lesson learned: Better communication skills. How to stay out of one another’s lanes. The most important item is lifting one another and helping one another when the other needs it. 

Jeff & Diane Anderes – Edina Realty 
Edina, MN

Years together: 27 years

How we ended up working together: We’ve been working together for 25 years

Diane had been in the business for a number of years and she was then working for a builder.  Seemed like a natural extension of our relationship to work together and use the synergy of our experience.

Best part about working together: Not having to explain why you are late for dinner!

Toughest part about working together: Accepting that what works for one may not work for the other.

Biggest lesson learned: There is more than one way of doing things. :)