3 Ways to Give your Team a Boost

By MNR News posted 02-22-2021 06:21


illustration of a rocket blasting offGetting stuck in a rut is human nature… we like routines and predictable patterns. But when your team gets stuck in a cycle of complacency – it’s important to create some inertia and provide a boost of energy to shake things up.

1. Pay attention and drive accountability

When your team is showing signs of complacency, help them change their patterns, and ask for accountability. What do their marketing efforts look like? Are they contacting their database regularly? What new skills are they learning? Your team is accountable to making your brokerage successful. Helping them shake up routine will give everyone space to find new ways to drive higher activity.

2. Offer training

There are endless webinars, on-demand sessions, TED Talks, YouTube videos, Zoom meetings on social media, professionalism, sales tactics and marketing tools that cost little to nothing. Choose a topic each month and present new skills to your team. This is something you can even give as a development task to your team – you can rotate who is in charge of the next month’s topic. Or take inventory on the content or skills that are most interesting to your agents and structure a 30-minute learning session around that.

3. Best practice sharing

Each agent does things differently. By partnering tenured Realtors® with newer ones, or tenured Realtors® with tenured Realtors® - learning how someone else approaches the business or follows up or structures their day can provide meaningful takeaways that others can take action on and incorporate in their own system. Best practice sharing is key to ensuring the rising tide lifts all boats. When one agent figures something out that saves them time or makes them more money – shout that from the rooftops within your office. A win for one Realtor on your team is a win for all.