Land of 10,000 Beers: A Guide to Some of Minnesota’s Best Breweries

By MNR News posted 3 days ago


MN BeersDid you know there are nearly 200 craft breweries in Minnesota? From the clear northern waters of the Lake of the Woods to the prairie expanses near the South Dakota border, our state is home to countless artisan lagers, IPAs, blonde ales, doppelbocks, Belgian sours, coffee porters, and even peanut butter stouts. Is there a beer for every one of our 10,000 lakes? There’s only one way to find out. Start planning your cross-state brewery tour. 

In honor of National Beer Day, we’ve assembled a guide to some of Minnesota’s best craft breweries. Have a safe trip and please drink responsibly. 

NOTE: Most Popular Beer based on Untappd rating; Recommended based on reviews and our own opinion. 

Voyageur Brewing Company
  • Voyageur Brewing Company, Grand Marais  
    Most Popular Beer: Devil’s Kettle (IPA) 
    Recommended: Saganator (Dobbelbock) 
  • Lake of the Woods Brewing Company, Warroad:  
    Most Popular Beer: Northern Flight (Blond Ale) 
    Recommended: Channel Marker (Lager) 
  • Rapids Brewing Company, Grand Rapids:  
    Most Popular Beer: Jam IPA 
    Recommended: Milky Way Porter 
  • Bemidji Brewing  
    Most Popular Beer & Recommended: IPA 
  • Portage Brewing Company, Walker:  
    Most Popular Beer: Coffeecake (Blonde Ale) 
    Recommended: Candy Wrapper (Stout) 
  • Junkyard Brewing Company, Moorhead:  
    Most Popular Beer: Peanut Butter Bandit (Stout) 
    Recommended: Sled Shark (Sour) 

 Bobbing Bobber Brewing Company

  • Bobbing Bobber Brewing Company, Hutchinson:  
    Most Popular Beer: Crappie Flop IPA 
    Recommended: Bee Keeper (Honey Wheat) 

Starkeller Brewing


Modist Brewing