Member Question: What Are Your Funniest Real Estate Stories?

By MNR News posted 07-22-2021 13:04


What Are Your Funniest Real Estate Stories? 


Yu Jie Chen - ReMax Results, Eden Prairie 

 It was a dark and cold evening. I opened the door and turned on the lights. My buyers were walking behind me. We walked upstairs and I saw three people. I screamed loudly and grabbed my buyer’s arms, twirled her around while screaming and she was screaming.  


Then we stopped and realized we were looking at our own reflections. There was a mirror at the end of the hallway. 



Tracie Fogelson - Counselor Realty, Rochester - ABR, GRI

When the listing agent was delivering a key to my office for our final walk-through the key fell out of the envelope and was lost between the seats of her car.  


I met my buyers at the house hoping we could find an unlocked door, so the buyer slid through the dog door into the house and opened the door for the rest of us – where there is a will there is a way.  


10 years later, the buyers still live there and when they got a dog, they sent me a picture! 

Carrie Klassen - Re/Max, Rochester

I stopped by a listing to get a few extra snapshots of the deck on the home. When I closed the door behind me to get a photo of the door, I realized I couldn’t get back in! That’s when I noticed the cat had followed me out.  


Sitting on the deck with the cat I realized the only way to get back inside was to crawl over the other side of the railing and drop down to the ground so that I could run to the front, in stockings, to go back in through the front door. 


Marlee Schlief - EXP Realty, Burnsville 

I was with a client checking out one of the bathrooms at a house we were touring. It happened to have a bidet attachment on the toilet.  


Just like a child, I couldn’t resist pushing one of the buttons and the bidet sprayed my client right in her face! I was embarrassed but couldn’t stop laughing. Thankfully she had a great sense of humor as well.