Recycling Evergreen Content

By MNR News posted 09-10-2021 08:04


photo of an envelope with a pine branch in itAs a Realtor®, you are a content marketer who knows that coming up with engaging content to build your audience is a key part of your marketing plan. And as a Realtor,® you have access to lots of content (videos, images, testimonials, blog posts) that you can reuse and republish.

You can typically recycle with “evergreen content,” which is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers over a long time. For example, a current market report showing recent solds and average days (or hours) on market is great content, but it’s not evergreen content.


If you can write about a topic, you can create a video on that topic. Pick any blog post or article, find three or four top points, and cover those in a short video. Post that video on your blog and Facebook page. Tweet it out. If you’re a TikToker, convert a post to that format. Find a nice place outside (maybe in front of a listing) and put it on YouTube. Keep it short – 5 minutes maximum.

Infographics are a great way to make data-rich posts into an easily digestible and shareable format. You can easily make these using free tools like Canva, Freekpik, and Infogram.

You could reshare a great testimonial that clearly captures your value, or grab an inspirational or catchy phrase from a blog post, and create a quote image. Then, share that quote image on Facebook, Instagram, or other visual medium, and include a link back to the original post.

Video Snippets
Have a YouTube channel? Then you have a wealth of content to be repurposed. You can edit a short snippet of a longer video and push that snippet with a link to the full video on Twitter and Instagram. Tools to help with this include iMovie (free) and Final Cut Pro.

Videos are for watching. Podcasts are for listening. And some people prefer reading. So you compose blog posts with transcripts of your videos and podcasts.

Examples of content to recycle:

  • Historical mortgage rate trends
  • Q&As (“what is escrow?” or “how do I get pre-approved for a mortgage?”)
  • Tips for selling your home
  • Neighborhood walk or drive-throughs
  • Staging tips and best practices
  • Things every buyer and seller should know


This article included highlights from an article from Inman. You can read the full article here: