The Why In Realty

photo of Abby

Abby Ball

Golden Valley

I was inspired to become a Realtor® by my family of real estate. My grandpa was a builder and sales agent. His dedication to the craft was incredible. I have never seen someone quite with his workmanship, as well as ethics. He wanted a long-term career, so he always treated people right. At 97, he still inspires me to this day, still guiding me and chatting about the craft. My mother worked in subsidized housing, this inspired me as well. I know firsthand how every transaction plays a role in the economy we live, so being able to take their lead and create my own path of giving people incredible ethical representation was extremely exciting.

I was younger when I started my career in real estate, and many of my peers were first time buyers. I made it a point to research as much as possible to them to make their first experience a great one. This not only lead to great relationships, but also great opportunities for future growth. When many of these people were ready for their second home, I was the first person they thought of. I continued my interest in learning more and finding new avenues of representation and I broke into the world of commercial real estate. Now I find myself offering incredible services for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and many facets of residential real estate. What a ride and a wonderful experience, and it came all from one place. The drive to learn more, and to always represent the best interests of my clients.

Without a doubt the people I get to meet are the best part of this job. I have cultivated relationships with people from backgrounds all over the globe. To be able to represent and learn from such a diverse group of people and backgrounds has humbled me, inspired me, and grounded me all at the same time. Everyone needs housing, and it is an honor and privilege to help people through the process.