The Why In Realty

photo of Diana

Diana Allen

St. Paul

For me being a Realtor® means building trust and developing lifelong relationships. It allows me to be part of my client’s journey whether it is a family with a first-time purchase or a couple looking to downsize. It affords me the opportunity to provide service and add value in a meaningful way. It is a fantastic feeling to help make people’s dreams come true!

Education has always been a big part of what I do. It allows buyers and sellers to make informed decisions. I understand the importance of researching market trends, data from different platforms, and anything that I believe would be of importance to my clients. 

I would like to mentor new agents in any way that I can. I am focusing on getting the word out to people of color about homeownership and its path to building wealth and security. Being a Realtor® is more than selling….We can use our voices to make changes that have a real impact on our communities.