The Why In Realty

photo of Lisa

Lisa Dunn


I got into real estate when I was changing careers and really wasn't sure what my next steps would be. I had previously worked as a health care consultant, and I knew I wanted to work with seniors. It was my sister-in-law who said, "You can do anything in real estate, give it a try." My husband and I worked on a couple of rehab projects together, I took a class in real estate, and the rest is history. I have a Masters's degree in Psychology, worked as a Licensed Graduate Social Worker, and now, I've worked in real estate longer than I have done anything else. After 17 years in the business, I can honestly say it is the best thing that I've ever done. My background in social services, and project management were all in preparation to do what I do today.

My mission is to positively influence as many people as I can. For me that means working with older adults and walking alongside them as they define their next move. Some of my clients are downsizing, and some are moving into senior housing. Some are moving because of a health crisis. My influence might be educating them, being an emotional support for them, being a resource, an advocate, or representing them in negotiations. Being part of that process is such an honor, and I know I get to make a positive difference for people. As a real estate agent, we see people during what may be a stressful time. I work with my clients during a time when they may not be at their best - and THAT is when I get to make the biggest difference of all.