The Why In Realty

photo of Tara

Tara Onken


After watching my dad buy and sell various properties, I was intrigued by real estate at a very young age, but it is something I never envisioned I would do as a career. In college, I started a summer job working part-time as an office admin at a small mom-and-pop real estate office answering phones. A month or two later I found myself starting the classes to become a Realtor®! Since then, I have never looked back.

I was licensed at age 21, so my initial clients were all first-time homebuyers – friends, classmates, etc. The business has now evolved and grown to include investment properties, commercial properties, vacant land, and more. The variety is refreshing, and no two transactions are alike. The technology has changed too! I started making labels on an old-fashioned typewriter, and now we file and store documents electronically – so a lot of the “how” we do business has changed, but the “why” remains the same.

Being an advocate for my clients and handing them the keys to their new home especially first-time homebuyers!) is the best part of being a Realtor®. As one of the biggest financial investments a person usually makes, helping clients search for, and purchase, their home is truly a rewarding experience. Streets, neighborhoods, and communities are part of the fabric of our lives. So, to be part of guiding someone in the process to find their next home can be an amazing experience.