Pathway to Achievement Program

Promoting diversity within Realtor® membership

The MNR Pathway to Achievement Program is designed to promote diversity within the Realtor® membership by helping people outside of Minnesota’s racial majority join the Realtor® community and enhance their probability of long-term success in the real estate profession.

The program forges an alliance between the recipient, sponsoring broker, local association, and Minnesota Realtors® (MNR). Candidates must be a person outside of Minnesota’s racial majority and demonstrate a commitment to becoming a successful real estate salesperson. The sponsoring broker provides a mentor and in-house training for the recipient to optimize the success of the new licensee. Ideally, the candidate would be a new licensee who has not had a license for more than six months and who is aspiring to become a full-time salesperson. The program is intended to provide startup assistance to candidates who have not previously held a real estate license.

The MNR Pathway to Achievement Program offers recipients coverage for one year of Realtor® association dues and six months of MLS and Supra eKey fees as well as the chance to attend additional specified courses and educational events. The application and award process takes place once per year. Please see the sample schedule below for the annual Pathway to Achievement application and selection timeline. Qualification for existing members includes a join date no earlier than the year applying (e.g., 1/1/2022 for 2023 applications submitted Sept/Oct 2022).

total value of the program is up to $1,600 and includes the following benefits: 
  • One year of local association dues covered;
  • One year of MNR dues covered;
  • One year of NAR dues covered;
  • New member fee covered;
  • 6 GRI courses that count towards CE credits covered;
  • 6 months of MLS fees covered;
  • 6 months of Supra eKey access covered;
  • Free ticket to the MNR UNITE! Convention.
The fees paid by MNR or the participating local association for Pathway to Achievement are returned via a 2-year pay-it-forward model. For Year 1 the candidates pay it forward with 10 volunteer hours of service for any 501(c) organization. For Year 2 we ask that the candidate apply to participate in an association committee. If the candidate doesn’t get chosen to participate on the committee, we ask they serve another 10 hours volunteering for any 501(c) organization. MNR will provide means and instructions for recipients to submit volunteer “pay-back” documentation. Hours short of the required 20 will be billed back to the broker at $25/hour.

The ideal candidate will have considered what it will take to be a successful real estate salesperson and will have prepared a one-year, and five-year business plan. The ideal candidate also considers what can be done to further and enhance his or her education and how he or she can best contribute to the real estate community and the local community as a whole.

Application and Award Schedule
  • September 1–October 15, Applications open
  • October 15–October 30, MNR collection and review process
  • November 1–November 30, Applicant interviews and recipients selected
  • December 1, Notification to award recipients, their brokers, and local associations

Applications are open from September 1st — October 15th. 

Pathway to Achievement FAQs

For more information, contact Laurie Ganz at